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BPO Digital Archive database – this spreadsheet includes details of all of the BPO performances from 1941 to the present day including details of each of the works  performed by the BPO with information such as concert date, location, conductor in addition to a summary of all of the works performed by the BPO.

BPO Archive Database (xlsm) – December 2021

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BPO Mementos 1942-1958 (BPO Scrapbook) – the orchestra’s first Honorary Business Manager and Secretary, J. E. Hulett, collected a fine set of mementos from the early years of the BPO.  This ‘scrapbook’ contains virtually all of the concert programmes, previews and reviews from BPO’s performances in the 1940 and early 1950s in addition to numerous photographs.  This document provides a fascinating insight into the development of the orchestra from its inception through to its establishment as an integral part of Birmingham’s musical culture.

Brochures – this folder contains the brochures that were produced for each concert season.

Concerts – these folders are grouped by decade and each folder contains a single pdf file per concert. The pdf file names are written in reverse date order so that the files appear chronologically, for example 1942-12-27.pdf includes the concert programme for the 27th December 1942. Each pdf file contains the programme for the concert plus any extra archive material such as tickets, flyers and reviews, for example 2007-10-14.pdf has the concert programme for the 14th October 2007 together with a review of the concert.

Encore! – The “Encore!” magazine was published between November 1988 and February 1992.  The 15 editions of “The Journal of the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra” were written by the members of the BPO “to inform the orchestra about each other, to inform the public about the orchestra and to increase the public profile of the orchestra and the level of support which it received”.

Press Cuttings – this folder contains reviews and previews of BPO performances from the 1940s to the present day.

Press Cuttings (grouped) – this folder contains reviews and previews of BPO performances from the 1940s to the present day grouped by decade.

We would like to expand the archive to record as much information about  the orchestra’s history as possible. If you have additional archive material  that you would be willing to share, please contact us .

Link to BPO Digital Archive Folders

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