Das Rheingold -150th Anniversary

2019 is the 150th anniversary of the first performance of Richard Wagner’s opera, Das Rheingold (22nd September 1869) – the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing the opera in a concert performance on 13th October 2019 in Birmingham’s Symphony Hall.

Tickets can be purchased from the Symphony Hall website or from BPO members.

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Das Rheingold is the first opera in Wagner’s epic music drama, Der Ring des Nibelungen; it forms the prologue to the Ring Cycle and is performed in a single act. The story of Das Rheingold is contained within the single opera.

The cast includes 14 fantastic soloists who have been hand-picked by our Music Director, Michael Lloyd; these soloists are internationally and nationally renowned performers who have performed in opera houses and concert halls around the world including previous performances of Das Rheingold at Bayreuth, the opera house that Wagner designed and built to showcase his works.

Das Rheingold is scored for a large orchestra including 18 tuned anvils, Wagner Tubas, bass trumpet, contrabass trombone and seven harps – the performance is sure to be an incredible audial and visual experience that few will forget.

Support our performance

We are offering opportunities for individuals and organisations to support our performance and we have a range of packages that can be provided for our supporters including:

  • Tickets to the concert and programmes
  • Tickets to a post-concert reception
  • Advertising space in the programme
  • Admission to a prior rehearsal
  • Promotion via clips on webpage/YouTube channel/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Private concerts/music performances at other corporate events by BPO members
  • Private concerts/music performances at school events by BPO members
  • Leadership training activities

For more information, please contact our fundraising team at sponsorship@bpo.org.uk.


  1. Is this a concert performance of the opera or a theatrical performance?

    • Hi Cade. It will be a concert performance in Symphony Hall. I’m sure that the cast will include theatrical aspects in their performances, but there won’t be any costumes or sets. We are planning to include images from Arthur Rackham’s 1910 paintings of scenes from the opera throughout the performance.

      I hope that helps. More information (including ticket information) can be found at the Symphony Hall website.


  2. Is there an electronic version of the flyer available for advertising purposes? I was told it was emailed to orchestra members but I didn’t get it.

  3. Hi, is the performance in German?

    • Hi Ben. Yes, the performance is in German. To help the audience to understand the storyline throughout the opera, we will have a big screen above the orchestra which will show the synopsis as it happens, alongside illustrations by Arthur Rackham which also depict the storyline. We hope to see you at the concert.

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