Forthcoming Rehearsal and Concert Information

Next Sunday (19 November) we will be rehearsing at King Edward VI Camp Hill School, Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, B14 7QJ.  You will take the long straight drive from the gate, then when you reach the buildings, turn right and follow the buildings round to the rear of the school and park there.  A door will be opened to allow flat access to the school hall.

As ever, we will try to leave the hall as we find it, so assistance in moving chairs to their right places will be appreciated.  Please bring a stand, there are some there but not enough to go round.

Trombones, tuba and percussion are excused attendance.

Violins – please be there for 9.30 for a sectional rehearsal, which will last until 10.30.

Everyone else – please be there for 10.30.  If you arrive earlier, please be quiet to enable the violins to complete their rehearsal.  It is possible that we may carry on rehearsing up to 1.30pm.  (Steven, there is a piano there which is fine and is normally unlocked.)

Section principals, please forward this to your guest players who won’t be on my mailing list.

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