The Orchestra


Joanna Barber § 1st violins
Tony Smith § # 2nd violins
Denise Andrews
David Arrowsmith # HLM
Andrew Bartlett
Isabel Baumber
Kate Blyth
Michelle Bridgewater
Lorna Clarke #
Ursula Colville # HLM
Kelvin Dickinson
Paul Dilkes #
Billy Feenan
Michael Johnson
Neil Johnston
Jenny Johnston
Samuel Kirby
Jennifer Lester
Kristie Loakes
Annette Mansell-Green
Elaine Marson
Bryony Martin
Alison Middleton
Peter Mitchell #
Catherine Moseley
Emma Moulds
Lisa Nowak
Lesley Redpath #
James Roberts
Matthew Ryde
Stephen Shelley #
Naomi Shiono-Bunting
Julian Street
Anne Sutton
Jordan Taylor
James Timperley
Adrian Trigg
Erica Wong
Margaret Worsley # HLM


Chris Bertram § #
Alex Bartlett
Elisabeth Briggs
Geoff Cutler
Jennie Dunn
Louise Fellows
Audrey Jones #
Deborah Lane
Orla Murphy
Daniel Regan
Ben Smith
Hope Wagstaffe
Marta Zawodnik-Paciorek


Ian MacCarthy § #
Neville Cann
Hannah Broadbent
Margaret Dance
Alice Laddiman
John Lloyd #
Claire Moss #
Andrew Perry
Joanne Stubbs
Genevieve Upton
Angela Wakefield
Gillian Whiting #

Double Bass

Simon Smith §
Elizabeth Couves
David Evans
Bill Gale
Sue Hawthorne
Kenneth Hewitt HLM
Emma Norden
Ian Parry
Adam Rouse


Hazel Bates §
Owen Gregory and Cor Anglais


Alastair Moseley §
Hollie Whittles and Bass Clarinet


John Franklin § #
Karen Collet
Clare Symons


Rebecca Eldridge §
Richard Tattam §
Jo Mattinson
Sue Peters # HLM

French Horn

Tim Stidwill §
Christopher Collet
Claire Dawes
Phil Dawes
Mike Wild # HLM


Greg McEwan §
Colin Butterworth # HLM
Lynne Hodgson


Phil Harrison §
David Nash

Jonathan Beer §

Timpani and Percussion

Roger Clift


John Gough


§ Section Principal
# BPO Long Service award
HLM Honorary Life Member

Only full members of the orchestra are listed, in alphabetical order below the section principal.

Any omissions or errors will be corrected as soon as possible if notified.

last updated July 23, 2016


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