BPO Concert Venues Map

A map has been set up which indicates the locations, numbers of concerts, dates of first concert and dates of most recent concert of our performances since 1941 to the present day.  The map can be accessed by following the link below: Link to BPO concert venues map

Farewell John

On Sunday 9th February 2020, John Franklin played his final concert as a member of the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra’s flute section. John’s record with the orchestra is amazing. He has been a member for 52 years and Principal Flute for 44 of those. Hardly missing a rehearsal or concert during …


Wagner’s Wondrous World

Das Rheingold is an incredibly innovative opera; characters changing into animals, Rhinemaidens swimming on stage, and dramatic scene changes are just some of the imaginative techniques used by Wagner. The instrumentation used by Wagner for the opera was also ground-breaking. Bass trumpet and contrabass trombone, seven harps and the incredible …


Game of Rings

Although the HBO TV series Game of Thrones is partly based on the English Wars of the Roses, there are also many parallels with the Norse mythology that Wagner drew on for The Ring of the Niebelungen. For a start, there’s a lot of sex, especially involving illegitimate children and …


Open rehearsal

On Sunday 6th October, the BPO invites you to join us at an open rehearsal for our performance of Richard Wagner’s opera, Das Rheingold. The rehearsal is being held in the Elgar Concert Hall which is in the Bramall Music Building at the University of Birmingham and the doors will …


Big Screen

BPO’s performance of Das Rheingold on the 13th October in Symphony Hall will be unique in many ways. Never before has a non-professional orchestra performed this amazing work in one of the first concert halls in the country, Symphony Hall. Our cast has been hand picked by our musical director, …