Colin Butterworth


Member Since
First rehearsal, I think, was in October 1968 – a long time ago! I’m not sure if this is dedication, or stupidity!

Started Playing
About 8 – had a choice of trumpet or trombone, and I thought the trumpet was easier!

Musical training
Originally taught by Arthur Doyle (CBSO tuba), but no formal college training

Originally an engineer (apprenticeship at Avery), then work study, computing, accounts, property investment. I had 10 years of writing itineraries around National Parks in the UK and USA, and I’m still running an investment company

Other orchestras
Midland Youth Orchestra, Sinfonia of Birmingham, Orchestra of St John (in Bromsgrove), and other orchestras, from time to time. I’ve lost enthusiasm for playing in pit orchestras for shows – there are so many good, young players who could do with the experience (and income)

Other activities
DIY (almost anything practical, except plastering), photography, web design (I’ve designed and maintain a variety of different websites), gardening, walking, and anything to do with Mac computers

Favourite composer

Favourite music

Lots, but mainly late 1800s and early 1900s. Particular favourites are Respighi Pines of Rome – the last movement sends shivers down my spine, and Janácek Sinfonietta

2 children from my previous marriage, a son (born 1975) and a daughter (born 1977)

Any pets ?
None – unfortunately, I seem to be allergic to many animals

Anything else ?
I don’t pretend to be a world leader – I’m good as a ‘back room boy’. Give me a job, and I’ll do it – but I don’t want any more!

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