Countdown to the BPO’s Film Music Concerts: 10 & 9

In the run up to BPO’s film music concerts, we are featuring each of the works that we will be performing in the concerts in a weekly countdown – feel free to follow the links in the text below to listen to the music before the concert:

10 – Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri)

The BPO will be performing a suite from Alan Silvestri’s score from this 1980s time-travelling trilogy which includes the Main Title from Back to the Future I, beginning with its heroic fanfare, and the End Credits from Back to the Future III with its characteristic Wild West themes.

9 – The Unforgettable Year 1919 (Dimitri Shostakovich)

It has often been said that the only unforgettable aspect of this 1952 Soviet propaganda film is Shostakovich’s score. The Assault on Beautiful Gorky is one of the most popular sections of film music and features the solo piano to depict a battle scene in the film. Together with our soloist, Sam Ward (pictured above), we hope that our film music concert will be truly unforgettable.

Tickets are now available for our film music concerts from the Theatre Severn box office, the Bramall box office or BPO members.

Tickets for Shrewsbury (Sunday 3rd February at 6.30pm)

Tickets for Birmingham family concert (Sunday 10th February at 3.00pm)

Tickets for Birmingham evening concert (Sunday 10th February at 6.30pm)

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