Geoff Cutler

Geoff Cutler

Outside the BPO, what is your occupation?
Telecommunications Consultant.

How long have you been a member of the BPO?
I moved to Birmingham from Kent in 2007, so approximately 11 years.

What inspired you to take up your instrument?
My Uncle played the violin so was exposed to it at an early age. I studied the violin up to grade 6 and then swapped to viola for grades 7 & 8.

How did you come to join the orchestra?
I was invited by a Sinfonia of Birmingham colleague who also played with BPO to attend a rehearsal one Sunday morning to see if I enjoyed it. Fortunately I loved it and have never looked back, my Sunday mornings have never been the same since.

Most treasured occasion with the BPO?
My favourite symphony is Mahler 2 and absolutely loved playing it for the first time with BPO in the Birmingham Town Hall in April 2008. Definitely my playing highlight and one I will never forget.

Any moments you’d rather forget?
Really nothing major has happened that I remember other than the usual embarrassment of forgetting my shoulder rest or glasses and having to be the last person on stage and getting a ripple of applause and cheers from the orchestra.

Favourite composer? Least favourite composer?
My favourite composer has to be Mahler and I am fortunate that his symphonies are programmed quite regularly with BPO. My least favourite composer has to be Delius, maybe I just don’t understand his musical language.

Work(s) you’d like to play before you die?
The only Mahler symphony I have not played is his 9th so would love to have the opportunity to finish the set. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later.

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