We’d welcome any help in identifying date and location of any of the following photos? Several look like they were the same venue. And a lot of the people are still around !

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

BPOArchive18012016 BPOArchive18012016_0001 BPOArchive18012016_0002 BPOArchive18012016_0003 BPOArchive18012016_0004 BPOArchive18012016_0005 BPOArchive18012016_0006 BPOArchive18012016_0007 BPOArchive18012016_0008 BPOArchive18012016_0009 BPOArchive18012016_0010 BPOArchive18012016_0011 BPOArchive18012016_0012 BPOArchive18012016_0013 BPOArchive18012016_0014 BPOArchive18012016_0015 BPOArchive18012016_0016 BPOArchive18012016_0017 BPOArchive18012016_0018 BPOArchive18012016_0019

Or what about these, Birmingham Town Hall sometime in the 1980s or early 1990s?

RobinPage1 RobinPage2 RobinPage3 TownHall1 TownHall2 TownHall3 TownHallBrass1 TownHallWind1 

Please post your suggestions below or by email.

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