This page contains current reviews from the past few years. All published reviews dating back to the 1940’s are available in our Archives. PDF files of Concert programmes in the Archives also contain copies of any reviews.


Review from, June 2022 – “an account of the symphony [Mahler’s 7th] which would have been the envy of many professional ensembles.”


Review from, February 2020 –  “right up there among the country’s top amateur orchestras.”


Review (*****) from, October 2019, “mind-blowing performance of Wagner’s Rheingold by what just has to be the finest non-professional orchestra in the land”

Review (*****) from from, June 2019, “These enthusiastic amateurs passed every test with flying colours in Sunday afternoon’s performance of [Mahler’s] Fifth Symphony”


Review (****) from, December 2018 –  “how encouraging to see youngsters within the ranks of the BPO. The orchestra deserves some kind of educational award for that.”

Review (****) from, November 2018 – “The BPO played adroitly, with magnificently sonorous brass”

Review from from, October 2018 – “Everything was played with conviction, flair and dedication, creating a truly memorable afternoon.”


Review (****) from Birmingham Post, June 2017 – “The Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra can go where many professional outfits fear to tread … basses underpinned a subtly flowing reading” 

Review (****) from Birmingham Post, March 2017 – “an afternoon of glorious music making, with another feather in the cap of this illustrious orchestra and the conductor they are fortunate to have as their music director.”


Review (*****) from Birmingham Post, December 2016 – “this stunningly accomplished performance was a powerful reminder of just how good the BPO is”

Review (****) from Birmingham Post, June 2016 – “Richard Laing conducted a performance that was more than just a collection of exciting incidents, it was a well-shaped musical narrative in which every orchestral section excelled”

Review from THSH, 9 March 2016 – “a performance both worthy of Mahler …  a wonderfully rounded, warm tone … given sparkle by the soaring trumpets in a spectacular manner … the generous sound of the BPO strings … a formidable force of musicians who not only captured the essence of the piece but did so with such visible joy throughout.”

Review (****) from Birmingham Post, 7 March 2016 – “Brass were biting as well as noble, strings … were busy and sensitive, woodwinds were eloquent, percussion a kaleidoscopic presence … everything under Michael Lloyd was conveyed with rhythmic impetus, even in the slowest passages, a dynamic enthusiasm and conviction”


Review (****) from Birmingham Post, 17 December 2015 – “as mellifluous and as Nielsen demanded” 

Review (****) from Birmingham Post, 19 October 2015 – “Tim Stidwill’s command of tone and dynamics was kaleidoscopic”


Review (****) from Birmingham Post, 15 December 2014 – “a stunningly accomplished achievement […] often raw in tone and luridly colourful”

Review (****) from Birmingham Post, 23 October 2014 – “Committed, secure reading, pleasing to hear and generously true to the music”.

Review (****) from Birmingham Post, 18 June 2014 – “Vaughan Williams’ Wasps Overture … a flourish of crisply articulated strings … a wholly satisfying performance … Elgar’s King Arthur Suite … the BPO’s excellent brass section with Richard Elliott’s characterful tuba revealing the music’s affinity with Elgar’s Falstaff .”

Review (****) from Birmingham Post, 27 February 2014 “great depth of tone, near-perfect intonation ..] wonderfully-delivered articulation and phrasing, and a platform discipline which would put some professional orchestras to shame.”


Review (****) from Birmingham Post, 20 June 2013 “one of the greatest amateur orchestras in the country.”

Letter from Sutton Coldfield Observer, 8 February 2013
“orchestra was in perfect harmony … ensuring a night to remember”


Review (****) from Birmingham Post 20 December 2012
“Particularly fine was the trumpet section, led by Greg McEwan with masses of confident aplomb”

Review (****) from Birmingham Post 29 October 2012 –
a well structured and often electrifying performance”

Review (****) from Birmingham Post 28 June 2012
“an electric reading of Dvorak’s New World Symphony”

Review (*****) from Birmingam Post 26 April 2012
“a truly passionate concert … splendid!”

Review (****) from Birmingam Post 2 March 2012
“a Mahler Ten of unforgettable communication”


Review (****) from Birmingham Post 27 October 2011 –
“one of the finest non-professional orchestras in the land … I’ve heard few better performances of Mahler’s Sixth Symphony”.

Review from Birmingham Post 21 April 2011
like a well tuned organ … colour and flexibility

Review from Birmingham Post 16 February 2011
“immense style … Lloyd’s BPO delivered it in spades.”


Review from Birmingham Post 23 December 2010
the standard achieved was astonishing … Richard Laing … conducted with a consistent vigour and enthusiasm

Review from Birmingham Post, 24 June 2010
“a performance of huge visceral, knife-edge excitement”

Review from Birmingham Post 25 February 2010
“impressively detailed, finely nuanced … sometimes crackling, sometimes melting.”

Review from Birmingham Post 20 October 2009
“is the BPO still one of the best non-professional orchestras in the land? You bet it is.”

Review from Birmingham Post 9 December 2008
“so warm and romantic that it could have melted the frost outside”


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