Sally Alexander MBE

Sally Alexander, BPO Principal Cellist and Head of Kimichi School, Birmingham has been awarded an MBE in the Birthday Honours List, June 2021. Sally writes :-

“For three weeks I’ve not been allowed to say anything (mostly because I thought it was a terribly well-executed prank) but I have been beyond thrilled and exceedingly honoured to have received an MBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list.

It’s all pretty overwhelming. And also WHAT a privilege.

But it’s not for me.

It’s for the wonderfully kind people who wrote such amazing letters of support.

It’s for the kids. It’s about the kids. It’s ALWAYS for the kids.

It’s for my Kimichi family who are the best group of people I could hope for.

It’s for my Chair of Governors who made sure we didn’t fold within the first year and trustees who believed in it all.

It’s for my daughters who didn’t complain (well, only a little) when their mother lost her mind and just decided to start a school. My mother who clearly thought I was mad, but supported me anyway.

It’s for my friends who’ve listened to me yawn on about Kimichi forever and a day (it’s most definitely my life if you hadn’t gathered.)

It’s for my musician friends who’ve put up with cockamamy concerts and intermittent “education” rants.

It’s for my husband who excitedly ran around the house yelling the news out of every window last night at 10.31pm.

But most of all. Most of all it’s for the man who thought me worthy of such an honour. Who spent months cajoling people to write supporting letters. Who answered a random ad for a teacher and has grown to be my right hand, my confidant, my bestie.

I don’t and haven’t actually done anything. It’s you lot.

Thank you. This is awesome. In the truest and most absolute sense of the word.”

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